026-524-0 Michelin Air, Tubeless, 22x6.75-10 10Ply

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026-524-0 Michelin Air, Tubeless, 22x6.75-10 10Ply

Michelin® Air™: The tire for demanding pilots.

The new Michelin® Air™ general aviation tire is the best we know how to make. It offers a number of exclusive features designed to improve performance and extend tire life, starting with two new specialized rubber compounds. The sidewall compound is optimized to provide maximum ozone and ultraviolet light protection, while the MX2000 tread compound is Michelin's toughest. In addition, the new Air Cushion Inner Liner provides a protective cushion over the casing plies which guards against inner tube chafing. And the "Posi-Fit" bead construction reduces movement between the tire and the wheel for improved lateral stability.