606C81B1 (301-028-067) Goodyear Tire, Tube Type, 600-6 8Ply

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606C81B1 (301-028-067) Goodyear Tire, Tube Type, 600-6 8Ply


The Economy Tire For General Aviation

Sure, there are tires that cost less. But with such a tremendous investment in your aircraft, why would you pinch pennies on something as important as tires? Goodyear's Flight Special II for light aircraft offers both excellent value and performance. A wider tread design and tough compound plus a more robust construction are what give the Flight Special II its rugged strength. So you get outstanding traction and long tread life, landing after landing.

GoodYear® Flight Special II® Features

  • Wide rib tread design and large footprint
  • Durable tread compound
  • Full tread depth

    GoodYear® Flight Special II® Benefits
  • Up to 20% more landings
  • Superior wet traction
  • Enhanced treadwear and penetration resistance
  • Higher sunlight and ozone resistance
  • Improved traction and treadwear compound