AF16335 Fuel Pump - NEW Outright

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AF16335 Fuel Pump - NEW Outright


Tempest® has the most extensive offering of FAA approved new and overhauled Lycoming diaphragm fuel pumps available anywhere. Our new pumps use a cast housing and channel arm design.  All overhauled fuel pumps internal parts are replaced with new certified parts.  The actuating arms are magnetic particle test inspected; cast parts are inspected for wear, corrsion and cracks.  We overhaul both the older laminated and newer channel style fuel pumps for normally aspirated, pressure carburetor and fuel injected systems.

The Early Model Lycoming Fuel Pump (40174/40295 low pressure, 40595 medium pressure, 40296 high pressure) In the spring of 1964, AC introduced the first dual diaphragm type fuel pumps. These pumps were the first models to incorporate the oil seal integrated with the upper diaphragm and a separator ring for installation of the vent / overboard drain line. These pumps are characterized by a rocker arm which is an early riveted, laminated design. Current production in Lycoming pumps will not fit some pre-1978 applications without expensive modifications. You can eliminate the need for these modifications by ordering an FAA Approved overhauled early model pump for direct replacement.

The Late Model Lycoming Fuel Pump During August of 1978, AC introduced what is now known as the “late model” fuel pump which has a “channeled” rocker arm. This pump is taller than the early laminated arm pump and has a unitized diaphragm assembly. Because of its increased size some pre-1978 model aircraft require expensive and time consuming modifications to carburetors or accessory housings (ref: Lycoming Service Inst. No. 1110C). These modifications are not required if our smaller, early model laminated fuel pumps are installed on your aircraft.