FC-KT-1 Gasket Kit, Fuel Cap

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FC-KT-1 Gasket Kit, Fuel Cap

Fuel Cap Gaskets for Cessna Aircraft

No more leaking or hard to open fuel caps!

P/N FC-KT-1 (for caps P/N C156003-0101 and C156004-0101)

P/N FC-KT-2 (for cap P/N 0426015-1)

Kit P/N FC-KT-3 contains one cap P/N C156003-0101 and one gasket kit P/N FC-KT-1

Our unique double gasket slip ring arrangement combined with our FAA approved instructions for adjusting the tightness of the cap allows leak free fuel caps that don't require super-human strength to open.

  • Kit contains required gasket and slip ring as required
  • Fuel proof Viton® and Teflon® for long life
  • Replaces seals in OEM fuel cap P/Ns 0426015-1, C156003-0101 and C156004-0101