FS-KT-1 Fuel Strainer Seal Kit

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FS-KT-1 Fuel Strainer Seal Kit

Save time and money with convenient kits!

Only McFarlane has approval to replace the old less fuel-resistant O-rings with the latest fuel-proof flourocarbon O-rings. 

Fuel Strainer Parts for Cessna Aircraft

McFarlane can replace your fuel system parts with high quality McFarlane manufactured parts. Now offering fuel bowls, top assemblies, fuel bowl washers, fuel bowl nuts, standpipes, plungers, stainless steel washers for your plunger, and fuel strainer kits. Buy any of these components separately or as convenient kits.

  • Improved safety
  • More reliable
  • Longer life
  • Less money

Maintenance Tip:
Cleaning the Fuel Screen - The fuel screen is removed by removing the standpipe. The rubber tipped plunger must be unseated before the standpipe is loosened. Failure to lift the plunger off of its standpipe seat can damage the plunger. Pull the strainer drain knob as if you were draining the fuel bowl. Block or clamp the knob in this position. Insert a smooth round tool such as a screwdriver or punch in the standpipe cross-hole and un-screw the standpipe.