ROYCO586M-5GL Mineral Based Gear Oil - 5gl Pail

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ROYCO586M-5GL Mineral Based Gear Oil - 5gl Pail


ROYCO® 586 Grades L and M are highly refined petroleum oil based lubricants formulated with modern additives to provide oxidation and corrosion protection, high load carrying, antifoaming, as well as high viscosity index for both low and high temperature fluidity.

ROYCO® 586 is available in viscosity grades L (light) and M (medium).


ROYCO® 586 is recommended for lubrication of gears exposed to light to moderate load and low to moderate speed applications. Grade L is intended for use in low temperature environments and Grade M is intended for use in moderate to warm climates. ROYCO® 586 is particularly suitable for the lubrication helicopter gearboxes as well as general-purpose industrial applications requiring an E.P. lubricant for heavily loaded gears.


  • Outstanding Extreme Pressure Characteristics
  • Rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibition
  • High Viscosity Index


  • Protects gears in a wide temperature range even in light-to-medium gear trains or gear boxes that operate in low-to-medium speeds down to -40°C.