TAF-L Continental Oil Filter Adapter

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TAF-L Continental Oil Filter Adapter

The easy to install Model TAF-L™ is designed for the four cylinder Continental engines. Model TAF-L™ mounts on the oil cooler pad located on the left side, aft end of the engine case. The oil screen is desoldered from the oil screen cap and the cap and temperature probe are re-installed into the engine. This eliminates the need to remove the temperature probe at oil changes.  The TAF-L™ comes complete with a Tempest® AA48108-2 spin-on filter.

Engine Applicability:  Continental C-75 Series, Continental C-85 Series, Continental C-90 Series and Continental O-200 Series

Airframe Applicability: Cessna 120, Cessna 140, Cessna 150, Luscombes, Taylorcrafts and Cubs

Installation Instructions: